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Moxie To Go is a team of licensed professionals from the beauty and wellness industry who are not only passionate about bringing personalized services directly to you for special occasions and events but additionally provide everyday hair care needs in our salon and barbershop location.

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I made a 2 year career move to Chicago in efforts to gain more experience in pairing leadership and education. This helped give me the focus and confidence on the next big steps. I created Moxie To Go to fill a void by creating a reliable professional company that provides specialty on location services. Running most of the business out of a very small 2 chair studio was the humble beginnings. 3 years flew by and during that time I started to see we had a new need. Expand! Being a hairstylist is what I’ve always wanted to do and my journey in this industry is a dream come true! 

It really is shocking to say I’ve been in this industry for 20 years. Over the years I have worn many hats: Stylist, growing in my knowledge and skill of hair behind the chair as well and makeup and event hairstyling; Educator, which included a hustle lifestyle with lots of travel all while still remaining behind the chair; Leadership, that forced me to read lots of books. Learning more about how to reach and connect with people. This went hand in hand with being an industry educator. Despite the many hats, my reason for joining this industry and becoming an educator has always been the same. I want to elevate the industry standards from skill set, professionalism, client experience, all the way down to how customers perceive hairstylists. 

A few of the  many titles I proudly wear are cosmetologist, stylist, makeup artist, event expert, leader and educator.

Rachel Cole is the creative and gifted visionary behind Moxie to Go. Her energy, experience, and wide-ranging skillset have given her the opportunity to work all over the world as a licensed cosmetologist, stylist, makeup artist, educator, and leader in the industry. From Dallas to Dubai, London to Las Vegas, and many stops along the way she has spread style, glamour, sophistication, and Moxie wherever her journey has taken her.


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Our focus has been providing the healthiest haircare with a low carbon footprint to our guest. We are now offering glass bottles and refill services for our shampoos and conditioners that are packaged in aluminum and post recycled materials.

Focus on sustainability and the future 

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Three years flew by in our cozy space that we had long since grown out of and it was time to expand. Our roller coster journey of finding the perfect space finally landed us at our now renovated salon space we just absolutely love and we know you will too. 

The brick and mortar studio salon opened

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With covid, I had a lot of free time on my hands and per usual I started dreaming about new ventures. A barbershop business plan was all laid out with even a pinterest board of interiors. When I was on the hunt for a perfect salon space a perfect barbershop space opened up and I decided to go for it. I worked out of the barbershop for the first year while waiting for a space perfect for a salon to open up. 

MTG Barbers started serving local clients

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Three years flew by in our cozy space that we had long since grown out of and it was time to expand. Our roller coster journey of finding the perfect space finally landed us at our now renovated salon space we just absolutely love and we know you will too. 

Moxie To Go on location became a franchise

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June 2016 was when all the plans started coming together. I launched the on location service business with just a couple team members to start. By December 2016 we had a super cozy 2 chair space I shared with a friend we ran all the business out of.

Our on location team hit the road for events

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Our salon team works to put your best hair forward with multiple members being past educators and working closely with pioneers in the industry to help you look and feel your best day to day. Each member is sure to make you feel welcomed and like their favorite client of 30 years.

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Our on location team operates great as a team but also in individual units to accomplish all of our events and bring the most beautiful looks to you. Many of our accomplished individuals have received awards and nominations within the beauty and wedding industries leaving you knowing you are in capable talented hands.


We are the preferred provider for weddings, engagement photos, commercial, video or magazine shoots, formals, fundraising events and any special occasion that requires the highest level of glamour and sophistication. 

Let Moxie To Go be your go-to style solution to dazzle, delight, shine, shimmer or steal the spotlight.

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Are you interested in making big things happen? Whether you have a solid base and are craving more success or you’re just starting out and are looking for a life long career as a wealthy stylist. We have the mentoring and goal setting tools to take your career to the next level. 

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