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~ Let’s Get Physical ~

We are coming to the end of the first quarter of the year. Physical fitness may have been a new year’s goal (or still is) and if you have lost focus there is no better time than now to refocus! If you’ve always been consistent with your physical health but need some more ideas maybe you can use some from this post.

It might sound crazy but I love working out! I do it more for my mind than my body. I’m sure we can agree we all need this for our mind right about now anyway. Let’s get serious. I think anyone can love working out if you break down the psychology of it. It’s useless to have space in your life for things you HATE. Some people say they hate working out. Many of us may be guilty of saying this! For example, I’m sure some of you have heard me say, “I HATE YOGA!” But, really, when I had a real talk with myself about yoga, I don’t hate yoga. It’s not about yoga. I’m not super flexible so yoga is challenging for me and that makes me frustrated and it’s not a regular practice for me so I’m not always working on my flexibility. I have friends that love yoga who have a consistent practice and would describe their feelings afterwards like a rush of feel good endorphins. My good friend Russel says he loves that you don’t need anything but your brain and your body, the more flexible he gets with the practice the more he wants to practice being able to do moves and holds that are more difficult. Sounds great right?! If you’re still having to talk yourself into it think about this. I will go do yoga even though it’s not my favorite thing to do because I know there are other benefits that appeal to me. I get to support a friend who loves yoga and enjoy the social aspect as well as knowing I am keeping my mind sharp by staying open and trying new and challenging things.

So, how do you get to a point where you love to workout? I think the key, again, is back to your brain. Ask yourself what kinds or types of physical activities you have tried and enjoyed. If you haven’t tried many then maybe add a new thing to your calendar to try once a week/month. For example, I grew up out west and spent most of my childhood outdoors camping, hiking, biking and horseback riding. I try to always get some sort of outdoor cardio workout to bring me that nostalgic joy. I found a gym I LOVE(very important!) where I do strength training classes. My main focus is my legs with a goal to squat over 200lbs so I stay strong enough to enjoy long hikes and the weight is specific so I know exactly what I’m working towards. I love the ability to truly focus on one thing at a time and I know I can do that when I work out. Lifting heavy weights makes me feel strong, powerful, and in control of the health of my body. I encourage you to have a talk with yourself, find that activity you love cause it will love you back.

In this challenging time there are some super easy ways to get in some physical activity.

Get your butt outside! Take a walk, take a hike, go for a jog! Vitamin D from the sun is vital for our mind and body. Just stay 6 feet away from other people. You can step right outside your door or try any of the beautiful parks in your area for a change of scenery.

Zoom is front and center right now because so many people are utilizing it for working at home, home schooling and offering loads of live workouts. My fabulous friend, Alicia, walked me through it because she did her first yoga class on Zoom this past week with Searchlight Yoga. Russell also loves Searchlight so we are ecstatic to share this local company.

Last but not least I have a friend that has a company that specializes in online personal training for people who are interested in increasing productivity, health, and energy. People who have time constraints, weird work hours, isolation, and desk life can truly benefit from his services. Sounds like all of us right now right!? We will be looking to share more from his company ‘Fit For Freelance’ on our social pages over the next few weeks.

I hope this has given you time for reflection. Now get outdoors, find something you love, get an accountability partner, join a local class on zoom, and don’t forget we are gonna get through this stronger!


Searchlight Yoga

Ballatore Training   (my gym)

Fit For Freelance


Photo credit:

Soul Sister Serena in Crow Pose @ a park.

Ron @ Ballatore training with client


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